Project Overview

The Stevens Creek Hydroelectric Project (FERC Project No. 2535) is located in Edgefield and McCormick Counties, South Carolina and Columbia County, Georgia at the confluence of the Savannah River and Stevens Creek.  The Project was constructed in 1912 and began operating in 1914.  The Stevens Creek Dam creates an impoundment of approximately 2,220 acres that extends approximately 12 miles upstream to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Thurmond Dam.  The existing FERC license for the Project was issued in 1995 and is due to expire on October 31, 2025.Stevens Creek Project Numbers

  • 8 generating units
  • 29-feet gross head
  • 9,000 cfs maximum hydraulic capacity
  • 17.28 MW authorized installed capacity
  • 7,180 square miles of drainage area